September 30, 2013


My weekend was pretty low-key. Friday night the weather started to cool off a bit, much more fall-like, and Saturday it rained all day. I took full advantage by staying in to read and watch movies all day rolling into the night. 

Sunday, I woke up and went to church early afternoon, then came home to watch my Cowboys lose the game (not happy about that!) In the evening, Kandra came to visit and we had a bestie date night. 

A new theater just opened up not too long ago, LOOK Cinema, and i've been wanting to go check it out ever since. We carefully picked out the movie time and theater, then headed over to Pinkberry beforehand for a treat of frozen yogurt goodness.

I got a mix of original and chocolate yogurt this go-round with toppings of strawberries, kiwi, mochi, blueberries and chocolate chips. It's probably safe to say that i'm an addict of Pinkberry, and i'm quite alright with it!

We then mosied on over to the theater. My first impression was the price of the tickets, as they were a tad more expensive than a normal cinema, but as you walk further into the theater, it becomes apparent as to why they charge more. If you ever have one close, I highly recommend going!

It's a really nice place, very upscale. As we chose the lofts, we first went downstairs to the restaurant, Nick and Sam's Grill, to order some food and drinks. They just so happened to have Sunday Funday mimosas on the menu, we decided on a carafe to share with the pretzel and spinach artichoke dip. So fattening and so delicious.

Instead of movie posters in front of each entrance, they have these amazing chalk drawings! Fantastic, I had to take pictures of almost all of them. Touche to the person who draws them all!

After getting "dinner" in our hot little hands we headed upstairs to our seats in the lofts to watch Don Jon.

As we were leaving the cinema we got a little treat of seeing Don Jon's car outside. Ironic? Maybe.

September 25, 2013


This weekend Red Bull held their annual event, this year the exciting flug tag! Last year was a soap box derby, as I was busy working the event I had no idea what was going on. Thankfully, this year I got to be part of the rambunctious crowd and enjoy myself.

I went along with my friend Hannah, and we met a few other friends there. Before the event even started thousands of people built walls around the stage.

As we were walking in we spotted a lady that brought her parrot with her! 

I tried sneaking a few pictures of the contraptions before they all lined up waiting their turn to run off of the ramp.

There were also these really cool painted bikes. Being a Harley man's daughter things like this also spike my interest, especially pretty painted ones! Very unique bikes and especially the seat on the first. Even the engine and other parts are painted in correspondence! I wonder if they are actually ridden, or just for show.

In all honesty, I wouldn't want to ride the one on looks like such an uncomfortable ride!

There were also active options to kayak, paddle board, or take a gondola to watch. We really should have taken up one of those with the sun beating down on us resulting in a few spotty bruises.

This was definitely my favorite, made as a flying boombox! Unfortunately, he didn't get too far.

We weren't quite sure initially where to park, or how far we were going to be walking until it was too late. Thankfully I dropped a pin as we parked, so that we could find our wheels later on. I definitely got some miles in walking around everywhere and the hike for the car!

Hoping your weekend was as interesting as mine!

September 20, 2013

Brody Rue

I wanted to share with you all the most important guy in my life; Well second, faja is first of course! I'm not sure this little guy has come up in any of my posts yet. I've been missing him terribly, especially since i've been sick this past week.

I bought Brody Rue (Chandler was his initial name, but I wasn't too fond) with the money I receive at high school graduation from family, plus a little extra from my savings all the money I had at the time, for this lil bundle of joy.

I couldn't resist the little snow white fur ball that could fit in the palm of my hand! The first time I went to see him, I went alone. Then when my heart was already sold I took mãe along with me to get her opinion....I think you know the outcome.

Could you resist that face? I think not!

Mom fell in love with him too and couldn't say no, especially since it wasn't her money. Soon we were on our way with the newest addition to a father on the verge to blowing his top.

I don't regret my decision, not for one second, he is the smartest, most adorable, coolest dog i've ever known (and we all know where he gets that from, don't we?) Now my dad treats Brody as his newborn baby. You can't tear the two apart! I'm so glad my parents have him to keep them company, but I miss him more and more each day. 

I think it may be time to add another addition to our family!

September 13, 2013

Birchbox Initiation

I have been contemplating whether or not to subscribe to Birchbox for quite a while now, and after talking with my friend Emily I decided to give it a go. Most people find it hard to buy a pricey product having no initial exposure; Birchbox is the perfect solution. I feel as if every woman knows about this needle in the haystack, but if not it's definitely worth a try. You get a few samples of high end beauty products picked at random. Order here to receive a subscription for $10/ month.

I received my first box today, and I will note i'm quite the satisfied customer so far!

I love the positive inspiration they include within the package too!

The goodies I received this month are...

Beauty Protector: Shampoo and Conditioner
Dr, Jart+: Premium BB Beauty Balm SPF 45
Dr. Lipp: Original Nipple Balm For Lips
Ruffian: Nail Lacquer in Fox Hunt

Maybe i'll try something new on the blog and give a review on the products. :)

If you are a subscriber to Birchbox, or have been previously, what is your favorite discovered product?

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