November 19, 2014

Radio City Music Hall

One of our adventures, while Kandra was in the city visiting, was exploring the iconic Radio City Music Hall. It was truly an honor to have the experience I did, as I lusted over all the magic this place has to offer. Take a look for yourself!

Inside the carpet there are 3 strategically placed musical instruments...guitar, saxophone, and accordion. Can you spot them?

I had too much fun during the small amount of time we were on stage. I can only imagine how it feels to perform in front of this many people each year. I bet it's the most spectacular feeling.

(Don't tell anyone, but a little bird told me they used to keep circus animals in here, including the elephants!)

The Gentleman's Lounge was nothing special, however since girls rule and boys drool, the Ladies Lounge was much more appealing with feminine hand painted walls. 

Someone legendary sat in this chair, however since i've been a terrible blogger lately, unfortunately I have forgotten who, annnnd cue the noises. Whomp whomp whomp.

Inside the Roxy Suite some intelligent conversations have occurred at the pictured black round table. Also, if you look closely in the signature book, you can see signatures from Henry Ford, Hilary Duff, John Legend, and Richard Nixon along with other notable men and women.

Obviously living in the 21st Century it was required I take a few selfies with "people" inside RCMH.

Would I suggest the tour of Radio City? Absolutely! Not only was it wonderful, it was also easy on the wallet.
In addition to the wonderful time warp, as we were leaving the tour, a cheery couple offered us the remainder of city tour tickets they had purchased!

And on to the next adventure we go! 

November 07, 2014

There's Something Magical About New York City

 I moved to NYC short term, Hoboken, NJ right across the Hudson to be exact (back in April.) Living in Hoboken and working in Chelsea I was getting the best of both worlds. Although the opportunity didn't work out as I had planned, I had some of the best experiences a girl could ask for....each weekend was full of surprises, never a dull moment as I would squeeze in as much adventure I could into each day. To top it all off, my best friend came to visit me for a few can only imagine what kind of shenanigans we got into.

I'll let the pictures tell most of the story.

As soon as I arrived, I went straight to my friend Rachel's apartment. After getting settled in, she offered to take me around Hoboken and show me around some. Below was my first time trying oysters at the famous Little Town NJ restaurant!

Night city view from Hoboken with Rach my first week.

I got lucky and God gave me the sweetest roommate....she left me a warm welcoming the day I moved in! Miss you Liz!

First time attending Hillsong NYC which is held in the Manhattan Center. Little did I know this church would steal my heart for all eternity.

First experience of Times Square!

A few flowers in the Flower District I walked through every day on the way to work.

A few Hoboken randoms.

The following weekend, an old friend, David, wished me a warm welcome by showing me around majority of the city. We walked for what seemed like days on end starting in Chelsea and ending in Brooklyn.

Chelsea Market

Walking on the Highline, where I later revisited for lunch.

As we were walking the city, I stopped to take a picture of the architecture of this building when this guy posed perfectly, I couldn't help but laugh!

My first of many visits to Washington Square Park.

My dad owns a Harley Davidson shop back home. Naturally I had to find the HD shop in NYC and take a peek. This one's for you faja!

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn was my favorite area of all of NYC, it has a certain charm about it, and makes you feel like you're in the movies.

Fireworks in a park in Brooklyn to celebrate a famous feminist artist's 70th birthday. I thought it was pretty cool they allowed fireworks in the city, since it's normally forbidden to my understanding.

At the end of a night full of fireworks and drinks, food was a must. I suggest not ordering water on tap....

Cinco de Mayo with a bunch of lovely girls I happily worked aside. #FlowerPower

I walked past the original Carlo's every day, and finally managed to get in there after a few weeks. I highly suggest if visiting you get there right before closing during the week, otherwise you may need to wait an hour to get in the door.

A week or so following, a co-worker Sarah and I moseyed on over to the city on the weekend to do more exploring. Little did we know we would walk 120 blocks by the end of the day! Our feet were damaged, but it was more than worth it. 

For the first stop: St. Patrick's beautiful Cathedral. They were in the middle of reconstruction, but that  was no obstruction to show off the radiating beauty.

Next Up: Central Park, probably my most favorite place of all in the city.

Farmers markets pop up every weekend in random spots throughout the city, we stumbled upon this one in Upper West as we went from discovering Shake Shack in search for dessert, still making our way along Central Park!

If you're in the Upper West area, you MUST stop by Screme and get some amazing gelato. The flavors are made fresh each day, so if you stop by more than once, it will never get old. ;)

Across Central Park and back down Upper East Side we go!

I really wanted a view of the entire city. On the way home we stopped at Rockefeller Center City Viewing! I had to take a selfie with non other than the Empire State Building himself!

A beautiful sunset to end the day back in Hoboken.

Next thing we knew, we're on a night extravaganza with some fellow co-workers!

Going through these pictures I feel as if i'm re-living all my sweet memories.....missing NYC a tad now! Seeing this post is picture heavy, I guess i'll just have to save the rest for another time! ;)

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