July 31, 2013


 Soccer is probably my favorite sport to watch, and I hope to learn how to play sometime soon!
This weekend I decided it was time for me to attend a game, as I have been waiting patiently to go for what seemed like an eternity, so my friend Cameron and I started our journey to the stadium.

As we arrived an hour early, we decided it would be a good idea to cool down from the Texas heat starting the evening off with a drink, or a few...

 After the hour had passed, we headed into the stadium just in time for the national anthem.

 FC Dallas was playing a friendly against Stoke City. It was a great game, although Stoke won 1-0. Good thing it was a friendly, huh?

 After the game was over, it was time to go back to the pad and get ready for a night on the town. I love driving with the windows rolled down as long as possible until it gets too hot out.
We met up with a few other friends and strolled out on the streets of Uptown for a night of dancing and shenanigans. 
 I was pretty excited to find out we were meeting some people at the club, Avenue, since I had yet to experience one of the places that's talk of the town (for both bad and good reasons). Turns out, it's definitely my new favorite place to dance and listen to great music! 
We had our official introduction to the new scenery, then danced for a bit.
Bottle service is not uncommon at this place of interest.
After we had our run in Avenue, it was time to venture over to Black Friar and meet up with a few other people. I had my eye on this nice hairpiece and decided to ask the guy if I could borrow it for a bit. ;)
 Cameron decided I was way cool and copied me. 

 At the end of the night, I had a blast with my new friends and we made some great memories! 


July 23, 2013

Magical Disney!

I'm just going to say it now, I'm in love with Disney World, maybe slightly obsessed. Let's put it this way, if I could live there, I would. And it would be amazing to work for the company as well!
I've been to Disney World twice, and I swear I'm about to make another trip, it's long past due!

Although i've never been to Disney Land & want to experience it someday it drives me mad when someone mixes the two up. I'm not sure why, however everyone should know which location is which!
This was the only picture I could find, i'm very sad the others have mysteriously disappeared!

The first magical experience was when I was 13... my family, best friend in middle school Jessi, and I took a trip during the summer. At this point I was turning into a rambunctious teenager and argued with my parents every day, up until the moment we walked through those front gates. It's like a fairy has hit you with sparkly magical fairy dust and you can't be anything but happy. The place is like heaven, it's perfect. 

My second time was 2 years ago, and I absolutely cannot wait to go back again!

One event I really would love to experience is the Food & Wine Festival they hold each year in Epcot. A few friends have attended and said it's just wonderful!

Is anyone just as obsessed about Disney as I am?


July 17, 2013

Key West

Well, I told you guys that I would write a separate post on Key West, as you may be wondering what on earth happened. If you haven't figured it out yet something crazy always happens to me.

So after the apartment caught on fire a few doors down from us, we turned everything back to normal & head off for a mini vacation towards the Keys. 

The water is such a different blue in the Keys, compared to the turquoise Miami waters!! I couldn't believe it I took so many pictures of the same thing, the water and the bridge. When I decided I was getting carried away I deleted half of them.

We drove by this house out in the water. It looked amazing, I would love to live there!
The plan was to stay for the night, watch the Key West Pride Parade they hold every year, have lunch the next day & then head back to Miami. That happened with the exception of a pickle. 

As we met up with a big group of the friends & started a dance circle in one of the bars, random people were coming up to hang out with us & our water gun of rum. Someone asked me if I needed another drink, so we went to the bar. Not long after I was outside regurgitating all over while Floyd held me up. I was sitting on the curb passing out, the cops wanting to take me either to jail, or to the hospital with another unconscious person. Janeska woke me up for just long enough so the cop would leave. The group took me to the car and put me in the trunk & I was out. 

I woke up the next day feeling horrible, something I have never felt before, & I had no idea where I was. I had blacked out, BIG TIME. This wasn't a night of drinking too much. I sat up to realize I was in a parking lot and no one I knew was around me. I started freaking out. Suddenly someone came around the corner and I finally could relax a little.

I felt absolutely horribly nauseous. I started asking everyone what happened, they didn't look too happy with me. Janeska explained to me all these details I had no recollection of, including me leaving to the bar for a drink with this random guy. At that moment I knew I had been drugged. 

I got sick again as we pulled up to go have lunch before leaving the island. After lunch we walked down to the Southernmost point (90 miles to Cuba!) before heading back home. 

I can't wait to go back again & see all the cool stuff Key West has to offer. I was extremely extremely lucky to have been with good friends that took care of me after only briefly meeting me. If it weren't for them who knows what would have happened to me, or if I would still be alive. Girls, be extremely careful about your drinks and only accept them from the bartender!!
Have you had any crazy experiences while traveling?


July 15, 2013

Weekend Festivities!

This weekend was more relaxing than anything else, & believe me it was much needed! Saturday morning I went to Boot Camp at 9AM, then off to finally get my hands on some protein powder again. It's like a whole new world when taken, especially when the stuff actually tastes delightful, & High5 DEFINITELY does! 

Afterwards, I came back to layout at the pool for a few hours and cook some lunch. 
A week ago I started eating healthy again, and workout at least 5 times a week. Hopefully this gets me to the place I want my body to be! What I have learned in the past is that it takes longer than you may think so don't give up! Hard work does pay off!

Saturday evening, Jenna and I went to venture around McKinney Ave in Uptown. Little did we know that we would be running into Cameron, a guy we met in South Padre during Spring Break about 5 years ago! What a small world it is!

We went to two of my common sightings, first Black Friar then onto my favorite place to dance in the area, The Den, and went to the second floor to get down and boogie in a more club like scene.
Jenna wasn't so sure about the atmosphere but it's one of my personal favorites!

Sunday was relaxing as it started to rain... which will continue for a few days in Dallas. I went to meander around the mall when I stumbled upon the perfect pair of shoes I have been in search for for quite sometime now! Found at Forever XXI. I absolutely cannot wait to wear them!

Overall, it was a good weekend and I am actually enjoying the rain! It doesn't rain here so often. I used to hate the rain as I thought it spoiled the day however, I believe my opinion is changing. :)

Did you have anything interesting happen this weekend?


July 12, 2013

Bienvenido a Miami!!!!

My most recent trip (other than the quick 2 days to Santa Fe) was to beautiful, tropical Miami. My friend Janeska & her boyfriend Josh live there. She was driving back from her also native Texas & offered me a ride, I couldn't resist.

We drove a journey of 24 hours without sleep but arrived safely...well, I did get pulled over for going 40 MPH over the limit not far from our destination.  Luckily the officer was kind enough, after threatening jail (Florida's lawmakers don't mess around!), to let us continue on.

Ever since mãe (that's mother in Portuguese) put me in swim lessons at a very early age, it has been extremely difficult to keep me away from the water, it is not any easy task. When I am not there, I dream about it day and night (not exaggerating).

Miami is everything I had always imagined it being! It has the culture, music, parties, cuisine, weather, but most importantly the beach.
Did I mention there was a hurricane passing by the first few days I was there?
We went for a nice run on the beach anyhow. I wanted to jump in with this guy, but was cautious of drowning myself since I have no clue what i'm doing.

The first night, after recovering from the drive, we picked up Floyd and decided to head to South Beach so I could experience the whole feel and get a big taste of Miami lifestyle.

We decided on The Clevelander where a good friend of the gang works. I have never seen cigars being sold in a bar so it was only necessary to request a picture.

After job searching and apartment hunting the next few days, it was time to take a trip to Key West for a few days (i'll describe that adventure in another post).

We wake up to pack, waiting on Josh to arrive from work, when we smell something burning. We scramble around trying to find the curling iron or kitchen problem when Floyd looks out the door and the hallway is filling with smoke! We all freak out, grab our valuables and run out the door. Within minutes the hallway was completely seduced by the black smoke and was very hard to breathe. We get outside and wait over an hour for the firemen to put the fire out. Going back up to pack for our trip we discover the fire was just a few doors down. I am extremely thankful the entry sprinkler was the only one to go off in the apartment. After things are taken care of we finally set off for Key West for a few days of adventure. 

After arriving back in Miami the next few days included working out on the beach, relaxing, sunbathing, and lots of wandering.  Exploring is my favorite thing to do, and I will take up any adventure crossing my path!

Lincoln Rd Mall was on my list, so we went for the day to do a tad bit of shopping. 

It was a must to see DASH and ponder around to try and find something I could afford however, a simple logo tee was $50!

I also passed by the famous Miami Ink.

Then it was Halloween. We ventured downtown for a bit, the bars were nearly empty so we went on a quest for the party on Lincoln Rd and had success!

My last night in Miami we hit up The Clevelander once more for the last hurrah's. How ironic they were having a Brazilian party all Carnaval theme! After Eric got off work we strolled over to Mango's to get a little dancing in before the night fell into morning. 
I stayed in Miami for about a week and a half, contemplated on even coming back to Texas, but got a last minute interview scheduled the day after my flight so I decided to come on back. Might I add I regret not staying.


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