December 31, 2013

Great Things Never Come From Comfort Zones- Hello 2014!

I can't believe it's already a new year! After all the craziness that has happened this past year, all of the ups and downs, I can confidently tell you that with the bad comes better. I still don't know exactly where my life is going this next year, but I know there are good things in store for me.

This year i've done a lot for myself. I went snowboarding in Santa Fe which was a total blast. My birthday was spent with some of the best friends a girl could ask for doing what I love. I have met the most amazing people within this last year. Fourth of July I got to reunite with some old friends. I went with my family on our yearly trip to Ruidoso. In this last month I have had the privilege to see 3 outstanding artists perform (JT, Rihanna, and Jay Z) and just last weekend I witnessed one of my best friends from way back marry the love of her life.
 I just completed my certification to teach English as a foreign language, something i've been wanting to do for a while, taken on a side job blogging for an Interior Designer and that's a huge positive step for my career goals, reminding me my writing is good quality. Another huge accomplishment... I started this blog! Last but not least, landed my first job in Advertising and have realized this isn't exactly the direction I want to head towards nor the place I want to settle down. I felt I was the only one going through this, until I stopped to look around to see about every 20-something is doing the same. If you don't you are one of the lucky ones!

I've done a ton of research and soul searching to figure out what my next step is, where I want to live and what really makes me happy. I've been on some hardcore discipline to save enough money to move somewhere I want. I can't begin to tell you how much i've grown, from semi-responsible party girl to responsible young woman. It's crazy how fast life goes sometimes. I truly believe God has a plan for us, sometimes we don't see where he is leading us, or why certain things happen, but in the end everything makes sense and turns out how it's supposed to be. We just need to put in a little more trust, because that big man upstairs knows what he's doing.

With that said, 2014 is going to be epic, I just have a feeling! I've thought up a list of  few things I hope to stick to starting this next year:

Face Time/Skype my family more. 

Call my grandparents more often, time is beginning to look sensitive and I shouldn't have waited this long. Unfortunately at times we get so caught up in our own lives and put aside the people that love us the most.

Continue to grow, soak up more knowledge and gain experiences, with people, places, things.

Move somewhere new (by the beach hopefully) crossing fingers and create new experiences.

Travel much more because after all, travel is the only thing that makes you richer.

 Donate to charity.

Start investing.

Pay off some of my debt.

Pay more attention to my blog now that I have the time.

Find a diverse gym/workout to stick with so I stop getting bored and become lazy.

Cook more and get better at it. Those of you who have had my cooking know it needs improvement. 

Read a book a month.

Find a job that doesn't feel like work, that makes me happy.

So there you have it! I have already began to conquer some of the items on my list, and hopefully 2014 is the start of a bright future ahead! I can't wait to see what the next year will have in store, I love the mysteriousness yet excitement of not knowing. "Great things never come from comfort zones."

What are some of your goals for the next year? Will you stick with them?

Happy New Year!


December 27, 2013

Happy Friday!

Never stop dreaming and traveling. Life is to short to settle for average in life. 
Today I get to go home to see my family and finally have our Christmas! For myself, it feels like Christmas was a month ago although it has been just a few days. I also have the pleasure to see one of my childhood best friends get married on Saturday! Soooo excited about that. I figured I needed to pay a visit since I have no idea where my life is about to take me in the next few months. Isn't that the beauty in life, the unknown? I hope each one of you have the most wonderful weekend!


December 14, 2013

Photo Hop!

Sarah mentioned the photo hop to me earlier this week, and i'm so excited to be a part of the action! Obviously i'm a little late on this, I had a lot going on this week and didn't have time to snap any photos, but this weekend I have had the chance to capture some festive memories for the holiday season from around the house. Let's take a look!

1. My door definitely needed a little sprucing up! Next year i'm definitely making a wreath.
2.It's Christmas time in my house and my heart officially! Here is a wee little peek of my gifts for my parents.
3. I lost my little Christmas tree in the mix of moving last year, so the only thing that made it to my current apartment were these decorative stockings. Good thing I have a mantle this year! They are perfect.
4. Even Charlie is festive wearing his stylish elf hat. :)

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

Ten Days of Christmas

I have been tagged! I can't say i've done one of these before, but i'm definitely in the Christmas spirit so i'm happy to tell you a little more about my holiday cheer!

1. What do you love the most about Christmas time?
I love everything about Christmas time, but for me the best part is the magical feeling it creates.

2. Do you celebrate the holiday in style or is Bah-Humbug for you?
I definitely celebrate. Here in Texas it's always hot so once it gets cold all the festivities begin! I can't wait to go ice skating and walk through the lights!
3. Are you leaving anything out for Santa Claus this year so he remembers to leave your presents?
I leave Santa something every year, but this year I won't since i'm not really celebrating Christmas Day like I normally do at home with my family. :(
4. What is the one gift you are most looking forward to GIVING? {It can be to your kids, another family member, etc – remember to be discreet if they read your blog}
I want to volunteer, so i'm really looking forward to that. And if I can't find a place to volunteer my next exciting gift to give will be my dad's present he really needs, but is too stubborn to buy. 
5. What is your all-time favorite Christmas movie?
It's a tie between The Holiday and Miracle on 34th Street! 34th Street has been my favorite since I was a little girl. However, I recently saw The Santa Claus with Tim Allen and it might be a new fave. 
6. What is your all-time favorite Christmas song?
 "I'm dreaming of a whiiiiiite Christmasssss, just like the one I used to knowwww!"
A close second: Christmas Wrapping- The Waitresses
7. If given the opportunity, would you participate in an “Ugly Sweater” party and what sweater would you wear? Peruse one on the Internet or even if your own closet and show us!
Yes! I've gone to a few and used my trusty ugly sweater masterpiece I created myself. Next year it's time to upgrade!

8. Have you started any Christmas traditions this year that you plan on carrying forward?
This year is different for me since i'm not going home and spending the holiday with my family (we only have Christmas Day off from work.)
9. It’s Christmas morning… what does it look like outside where you live?
It's usually cold and dreary, but you never know in Texas! It's been t-shirts and shorts weather before and it's also snowed!
10. You just found yourself standing under the mistletoe… who comes up to give you a kiss first?
Probably my mother. Lol

December 06, 2013

Christmas Meaning

Christmas is my most favoritest time of year. (Yes, I made that word up.) I would even go as far as saying it's better than my birthday. 

I love the music, the lights, the family time, decorating, the true meaning, the mood it creates, and everything else Christmas brings each year...except one thing.

I think our society has gone way too overboard with the buying tradition. Today's kids expect to have a million toys under the pine in the living area. Holiday decor comes out before Halloween and sales now start on a day dedicated to giving thanks for everything we have. Retail employee's along with others can't even have a dedicated day to spend time with their families anymore because every business thinks they must out-do the other with bigger sales and earlier openings. Correct me if i'm wrong, but I was under the impression that holidays were guaranteed days off work spent enjoying time with family, celebrating, and being thankful, no? Do we need a little time out here?

When I was a little girl I remember driving over to grandma's house on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The town would appear empty, excluding the lines of cars lining the streets throughout neighborhoods. Nothing was open, and I mean nothing. It had such a magical feeling. Oh how I wish it remained..

My hometown church would adopt a family from the local battered women's shelter during Christmas each year. My mom and I, along with another friend and her daughter, were always the designated ladies in charge. Not only was the large task fun, the opportunity is one of the most rewarding experiences. I can only imagine the looks on those precious little faces, children who thought they were getting nothing from Santa, spotting presents under the Christmas tree.

This Christmas I am not fortunate enough to go back home and spend the holiday with my family. My parents may come to visit me at some point, however it won't feel the same. Instead of harping on the negatives, I remain positive and plan on doing two things this holiday season:

1. Go ice skating (because who wouldn't want to go ice skating?)
2. Give back to the community by spending time or donating to the less fortunate.

Christmas is a time for celebration, it's always fun to deck the house with sparkling lights and and enjoy time spent with friends and family. Let us use this time to remember what we have instead of expecting everything under the sun we want, yet don't actually need. Just remain true to the reason for the season, never forget the real meaning of Christmas, to celebrate Christ our savior.

Are you doing anything festive that represents the true meaning of Christmas?


December 05, 2013

The 20/20 Experience

Last night was another one for the books, I got to experience my childhood crush once again doing what he does best. Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Experience was definitely quite the experience. I swear to it he's the best performer out there, not to mention the concert was an entire light show on it's own.

Unfortunately the light spectacular refrained me of getting amazing pics of my teenage heart throb, but i'll give you a peek of the handsome ghostly fella anyway. Excuse my unedited iPhone pictures.

This man is super talented: he sings with such a beautiful voice, he raps, dances, plays guitar and piano. What more could you ask for!?

November 29, 2013

Chandeliers Galore

I have an obsession with chandeliers. Obviously I don't have a house at the moment, but hopefully someday i'll build my dream home and have everything I want in it! 

Take a look at these beautiful chandeliers in this Alice Lane Design project.   

Rule #1: I must have one above my dining room table. No exceptions.

I also fell in love with the idea of having one placed above the tub. It's just fantastic isn't it?

I feel it creates a more relaxing, luxurious environment. I've never seen color in a chandelier, I love the additional blue, it gives it a modern touch.

I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving week spending time with their families! Remember to enjoy the small things, those are what matters most.


November 20, 2013

Te Amo Amiga!!

Thankfulness blogging challenge 
Day 20: Something about your significant other or best friend.
  This day on my blog is dedicated to a very special lady, Kandra. For those of you that have been following me you have seen her pop up from time to time.
You see, Kandra and I have been bestest best friends since the 4th grade. Our friendship is going on 17 YEARS!! I'd say that's something very special. Distance is no obstacle for us. Sometimes we go months without seeing each other, but once we reunite it's exactly like it's always been. We currently live about 45 minutes away, and in my opinion don't see enough of each other, however since we're growing up there's other responsibilities we are forced to take on and relationships that occupy some of that best friend time that has always been plentiful.

She is always there when I need her most, and I only hope I return that favor. She is the sweetest, most thoughtful, caring person i've ever known and I thank God every day he chose her as my bestest. She is beautiful both inside and out. We have a ton in common, but we also have our differences and take that into account when offering advice. It's always a blast no matter what we choose to do together. We look to each other for guidance and encouragement. We consider each others families as our own. She keeps me grounded when I really need it. She fully supports me in everything I do. I believe she's my real soul-mate. I'm totally pulling that Sex and the City card.  

Today and every day, I am thankful for my best friend always being there for me, no matter what. I can't imagine my life without her.

November 19, 2013

10 Random Facts

I really enjoy reading random facts about people, so I thought I would do one of my own!


1. I can breathe underwater. I had to prove it to my closest friends when we were younger. See why I belong near a beach now?
2. When I was a baby my mom had a guy play a bad joke on us the Forth of July and put 50 packs of Black Cats under the chair to lite them when she sat down, with me on her lap. I was burned really bad all over my legs. I also fell into a campfire backwards when I was younger. It has scarred me.   
3. I am a complete adrenaline junkie, I have been skydiving twice and plan on doing other insane things only crazy people think about.
4. I have grown up my entire life riding horses, and I really miss it now that mom isn't forcing me, especially drill team. Need for speed baby! I ride western but I want to learn how to jump.
5. My favorite music is reggaeton.
6. I love fast cars with big motors. My next car will probably be a Camaro since I can't quite afford a Ferrari just yet. ;)
7. Every time I see a homeless person it brings tears to my eyes.
8. I want to make a difference in the world, helping people less fortunate and guide others to make impacting choices and to better themselves. Definitely want to leave a positive impact & still trying to figure out how I will do it.
9.I'm terrified of needles, and there is no exaggeration to that statement.
10. My dream job would be either a singer or an interior designer.

Can you relate to any of this, or am I the only weirdo out there?


November 18, 2013

The Thankful Project: Day 18

The thankful project blogging challenge 
Today's topic is: A Choice
Today, I am thankful for my choice of coming out of my shell the last 2 years of high school to start living life to the fullest. For those of you that met me during college can vouch for my free spirit, however most people I grew up with know that I used to be extremely shy and quiet.
If it weren't for my choice to become outgoing, I wouldn't have met the people I have and will continue to meet, or I wouldn't have had the opportunities to see parts of the world I have, and will continue seeing. I could have grown up to be a completely different person!
I love my life the way it is and frankly I wouldn't want to be anyone else. No, I don't have everything I want or maybe even "need". I embrace myself for who I am; I'm weird, a nerd at heart, passionate, loving, driven, too outgoing for my own good, at times too much to handle, too hard on myself....the list could go on, but it all defines the me I love and the woman I am becoming.

If you want to join in on The Thankful Project it's not too late! Below is the list of prompts and you can link up to Kenzie's page if you'd like also!

The Thankful Project: 28 days of gratitude prompts for blogging, journaling, and reflecting. Come join the linkup!

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

November 13, 2013

Diamonds World Tour

I am a HUGE Rihanna fan and have been dying to see her for years now however, when you're saving money for something you've been wanting for an extremely long time, it's hard to cough up that much on a concert you can always see later. I never could get to the tickets in time if I even contemplated buying one, and now I understand why.

Monday this was crossed off my bucket list, and not only did I get to see her I was practically the third row back from the stage. How lucky am I!? My little patna in crime Naomi happen to stumble upon a few tickets, all I have to say is thank you again, I am one blessed girl! 

GTA was first on stage and they definitely got the energy up and set the mood for the concert playing some awesome tracks. 

Next was 2Chainz, who was great and kept the crowd going. I'll throw out that I may possibly be on some video of his.

And then, the really awesome stuff.

Along with George Strait, she put on the best concert i've ever seen. Plus it's always more fun when you know every single song. She is such an outstanding performer and keeps the energy up, I rarely even noticed the 10 dancers around her. I am most definitely going to a concert every tour she does from now on, it's well worth it.

I love you RiRi!

November 09, 2013

Thankful Project: Day 9

Thankful project blogging challenge

A photo

I am thankful for all of my pictures, but especially the ones that remind me not to take life so seriously sometimes. For example, the pic below with my gorgeous friends!

I wanted to post all of my crazy ones from college, but i'll just let you imagine. ;)

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