Radio City Music Hall

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One of our adventures, while Kandra was in the city visiting, was exploring the iconic Radio City Music Hall. It was truly an honor to have the experience I did, as I lusted over all the magic this place has to offer. Take a look for yourself!

Inside the carpet there are 3 strategically placed musical instruments...guitar, saxophone, and accordion. Can you spot them?

I had too much fun during the small amount of time we were on stage. I can only imagine how it feels to perform in front of this many people each year. I bet it's the most spectacular feeling.

(Don't tell anyone, but a little bird told me they used to keep circus animals in here, including the elephants!)

The Gentleman's Lounge was nothing special, however since girls rule and boys drool, the Ladies Lounge was much more appealing with feminine hand painted walls. 

Someone legendary sat in this chair, however since i've been a terrible blogger lately, unfortunately I have forgotten who, annnnd cue the noises. Whomp whomp whomp.

Inside the Roxy Suite some intelligent conversations have occurred at the pictured black round table. Also, if you look closely in the signature book, you can see signatures from Henry Ford, Hilary Duff, John Legend, and Richard Nixon along with other notable men and women.

Obviously living in the 21st Century it was required I take a few selfies with "people" inside RCMH.

Would I suggest the tour of Radio City? Absolutely! Not only was it wonderful, it was also easy on the wallet.
In addition to the wonderful time warp, as we were leaving the tour, a cheery couple offered us the remainder of city tour tickets they had purchased!

And on to the next adventure we go! 

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