Feliz não Perfeito!

by - 2:31 PM

One of my goals is to post an inspirational quote every week. They really help me when times aren't so great and I love the feeling you get when you find just the right thing to read at the right time. You almost feel rejuvenated, right?! If I can help even one person, I feel like I am going in the right direction.

So I haven't posted anything relating to the land I love lately, and since my blog title is written in Portuguese, I figure now's a good time to bust out a little "Brazilian flavor" if you will. It's about time I spice things up around here!


"Try to be happy instead of trying to be perfect."
 One of my very favorite quotes in Portuguese as some of you may know.

I constantly try to remind myself this as I find myself on the line of the two quite often. I want to do this but people will reward me if i take this road instead. We sometimes get too caught up in our superficial world, and forget that it's not about making other people happy, it's about making yourself happy.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Now get out there and do something for yourself because you deserve it!

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