NYC - Remaining Days

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As I mentioned, my bestie came to visit me for a few days. The night she arrived we ventured down the road to a neighborhood watering hole, 10th and Willow. It get's pretty poppin just before the clock strikes 12. If you're ever in the area, you should definitely check this place out as it became one of my favorites. Thursday is martini night, but don't tell everyone!

The next day I decided I wanted to see the birth place of Frank Sinatra, so we skipped down the street exploring more of Hoboken on the way. 

After having our candid moment, it was time to get down to Times Square to do more roaming. We ran into...ironically, cat and mouse on the way to shop.

It was so terribly cold the first time I was in Times Square, so I had to take a re-do picture.

We went somewhere extremely dangerous, the M&M store, and luckily I was so overwhelmed I left empty handed! Chocolate = 0 Marisha = 1

After a long day out and about we decided Kandra needed to experience night life in NYC. I called up a friend to see where the hot spot of the night would be, and off we went!

Some shenanigans came about towards the end of the night, but don't worry I managed to hobble through the subway and make it home safety!

The next day we were off to knock some things off Kandra's bucket list in the city. As we walked toward the PATH, our tummies started to rumble. Crepes Guru looked appetizing and had just opened so we figured we'd give em a shot. Boy was it a great decision!

A chair made for a queen!

We made a pit stop at Tiffany's so Kan could get a piece she'd been eyeing for quite sometime. See below for the well known canary diamond necklace, ain't she a beauty!?

After oogling and ogling over the bangles I desperately want from the Atlantis Collection, we were off to the next adventure and my personal favorite....Central Park. It had been a while since I'd ridden a bike. Although this picture claims differently I had a bit of a rough start, however managed to find the groove soon after.

Rememeber those passes the sweet couple gave us? We used the bus as transportation through the city to get from Times Square to Greenwich. We were on a mission to find Carrie's house from Sex and the City. Mission accomplished with some scenery along the way.

And back up we went!

I thought this picture I snapped was brilliant. I think it defines Wall Street perfectly.

Sadly, Kandra left shortly after. My remaining days were bitter sweet. The sun started to show it's face and the air began to resemble an ocean breeze.

Reese, another friend from Texas, and I scored a little kayaking action in the Hudson! 

Fun fact of the day: I met Reese through Rachel (bff's) and we all share the same birthday. 

Washington Square Park

This last picture is a picture of my favorite church, Hillsong NYC. If anything could have kept me in New York City, it would have been this church and pastor Carl. I don't live there anymore, but this will forever be my church. If you are visiting NYC and want worship, pick this one. As soon as you walk through the doors the energy inside the room is indescribable. Magic happens behind those doors.

It was difficult to leave NYC as it occupies a sliver of my heart, however it was time for me to move on to better (and warmer) places.

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