I'm an Indian Outlaw!

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Ruidoso, New Mexico has been my family's playground for quite sometime now. Have I mentioned i'm half Indian? Well, that's a story for another day. Quite a few years ago my grandparents rented a cabin out every year up in the mountain Labor Day weekend to watch the ponies race, and have a nice week of vacation. After my grandfather passed away, my grandma has continued to rent out the cabin, and started to invited family to join. We have gladly accepted, obviously. Sadly, my dad has not come along in sometime...my conclusion is he feels like the odd one out, it is just us ladies after all.

I haven't been in quite sometime due to school or work sneaking its way onto my schedule. In fact, the last time I joined in on the festivities was 4 or 5 years ago. I never had the chance to write or post anything on our little adventure, so I figure now's the perfect time!
I am happy to say i'll be reuniting with this beautiful city full of hidden treasures next weekend!

I'm pretty excited to have mom's camera in my hot little hands to hopefully get much better, professional pictures this round. Oh, and we are staying in a new condo this time! I'm a tad bit sad however, since our last was on the mountain and it was such a beautiful place to go for a run. Hopefully I can find the beauty in this new gem. 

These are pictures from our cabin up in one of the mountains. Breathtaking i'll tell you! (Especially in the morning!)

This is the main and busiest street in Ruidoso, which includes shops and restaurants for oodles of people.

The entire trip I was teasing mom if I saw a bear I would go to pet it. She probably slept with one eye open each night, to make sure I stay put. Then I went for an adventure to stumble upon bear droppings! Yessss evidence! They must be around somewhere! I was ecstatic. 

What a lovely view from the racetrack, I must say! 

And boy how I have changed over the past 5 years!

This next shot is my pride and joy (so far). It's extremely hard to get a shot like this, with the horses running so fast in such a short distance especially since it's the biggest race of the weekend. Plus, everyone is lined up against the railing and it's almost impossible to mosey on in. 

Cloudcroft, NM Day Trip!
Another place we like to visit each time we're here. It's not far from Ruidoso, and my parents have some history here. (Hopefully I can reveal that in the next post, stay tuned!) 

We got to check out some scenery on the way to our destination with such wonderful views. This place is truly a gift from god. 

Ahhhh i'm falling hellllpppp meeeeeee!

Mae posing for the camera like a proper lady.

Another family favorite is visiting White Sands (also a short trip) to play in the sand for a bit. I highly recommend this, it will instantly turn you into a kid again. 

Here is mom holding up our sleds ready to rumble!

Beautiful church we passed on the way.

Watch out for moose on the road!

On our last day at the races, we ran home for one more item before hitting the road. I'm so glad something made us go back because right there in front of us was a momma black bear and her 2 cubs! I toyed with mae saying I was going to get out of the car and go pet them and she became so terrified I had to stop. I did however roll down the window to get a few snaps.

Have you ever seen a wild bear this close? I bet you haven't! What a warm farewell!

Now let's play a game of comparison, of this last trip to my upcoming, what do ya say?


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