Creating the Perfect House

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I have been swooning over spaces and houses for the past few months. I'm ready for a change, for something new, geez i've had my current comforter and basically everything else in my apartment for at least a good 6 years. It's time, out with the old and in with the new. I can't wait to move, for a chance to completely have a new space to work with and decorate. My dream home includes a lot of old architecture, and chic yet comfy furniture with that warm cozy feeling. I want something clean, yet quaint. Tons of natural lighting; bay windows are a must. Since my taste is all over the place, i'm sure my home will be a different theme in every room. Keeps it interesting, right?
San Francisco #SF #san francisco
I have always had an obsession with architecture. This house in San Francisco, adorei! I need to move there stat, I know I would be in heaven with all of the design that remains.....or there's always Europe! (hehe) Hopefully i'll be lucky enough to live in one of these babies at some point in my life.

This chic office space is exactly the kind of environment I need to daydream brainstorm. I would maybe add some accent color but totally digging the lucite desk, large windows and giant cozy chair.

There is something about this room I love. Maybe the pop of color, the feel of openness but still has hued walls, and a feminine yet masculine touch to it. The bedroom is going to be one of the toughest rooms for me, because I like so many different styles. I want something inviting and also fab. 
Nice kitchen
Gold kitchen by Jean Louis ...Now these are some beautiful gold cabinets.

I adore all the natural lighting in this first kitchen, and the framed windows. Put that together with the gold cabinets, dying, and a few extra touches such as wooden floors, perfecto!

We ❤ Long Chandeliers. #chandelier #homedecor

I believe I mentioned before chandeliers are a must. I love them all, it will be hard to choose a few one. Also a fan of exposed walls, so trendy.

french chateau .... . sweeping staircase
Absolutely to a sweeping staircase.
Positano on Amalfi Coast of Italy 
In a location relative to this. Ok, now i'm really dreaming.....hey, dreams do come true! ;) These are just a few of my many ideas, my Pinterest page reflects a war zone. I won't be looking for the place anytime soon, but i'm on the lookout for fab ideas and decor 24/7. One day you guys will be reading/seeing the final product! Any great ideas you have stumbled upon you'd like to share? Leave in the comments below!

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