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Well hello there, it has been a while since I have seen you! I must admit, my life has changed quite a bit since I last wrote. Things are a bit.....interesting at the moment if you will. I quit my job I was unhappy with, moved out of my apartment, currently looking for my next career path while working as a server at a Texas themed bar/restaurant called Katy Trail Ice House, and staying with some amazing friends who have opened their homes to me. I really couldn't continue to chase my dreams without these generous people I am blessed with. Living out of a suitcase is not what I call ideal, however if it gets me to where I need to be i'm willing to make the sacrifice for now. 

Since my life has been a bit chaotic lately, I also haven't been much in the mood to write, or read for that matter. I think I just needed some time to reset, try and find myself and figure out what my focus will be in life as well as my blog. Let's just say i'm definitely going through a quarter life crisis at the moment.

For some eye candy, here's a picture I found that was lost in the mix from my Brasil trip. I can't believe I forgot all about this beauty! 

Guarujá - SP, Brasil. 

As soon as I saw this the stress was gone, I am refocused on what's important, and my goals will remain the same. If you ever feel like you're settling for less, have faith and keep trying. Don't settle for something that isn't going to make you happy. Be strong and carry on, things will work out just perfect with a little perseverance. 

As for the more exciting part of current life, I took a trip two weeks ago to San Diego, so i'll be posting on that! I hope to see you back soon!

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