Bienvenido A Miami! - La Segunda Parte

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Warning: Prepare to experience an extremely picture heavy post. Expect to see lots of sunsets, la playa, friends, and clubs. After all this is a compilation of the last 6 months, and it is Miami!

Bienvenido A Miami!

My first day on the beach, I made a friend. Angie was lying alone, as was I. Something drew me to her, I pondered the thought of approaching her, then after 5 minutes decided there was nothing to lose. I went up to her and explained I just had moved to Miami and didn't know anyone. She had a similar story so we joined forces and instantly clicked. Little did I know I would have a future roommate and friend for a lifetime. Welcome to the Adventures of Marisha & Angie!

@ Mokai

A few days after I met Angie, we went to the beach and a storm started brewing, luckily we got some pretty amazing shots of the storm rolling in.

Also, i'd like to apologize in advance for my super weirdness. I make facial expressions when i'm vodka happy...lots of them.

We had to check out a pool party since it's the "thing" to do here...specifically on Sunday. Angie & Marisha take on SLS....cowboys and indians style.

We found a new best friend, named him Henry, and allowed him to join in with us the rest of the day.

Love at first sight.

We also made a few more friends within this day, one of them being Natalia.

Miami is very culturally diverse and it's wonderful, however sadly majority of people are only here temporarily and sooner than you realize they are gone. I'm so thankful I have friends all over the world now, and I hope to visit them all one day!

I am a sucker for a good sunset.

My roommates birthday extravaganza.

Another night out when Angie and I were roommates, sure do miss that place! I guess I miss her also, but only just a little. Besos lovely!

@The W

New friends we made in the bathroom of course! Don't you ever wonder what happens to those girls you meet while refreshing your face?

We ended up leaving Wall pretty late, and decided to stay on the beach and watch the sun rise.

If you ever want a great view of the intercoastal, get some grub at Shuckers. It's on the water and a really cool experience! Also, they have great food. 

My fellow Texan and I finally reunite! Glad I nabbed some time from her busy schedule to reconnect!

Attempting a shot of Miami's night time skyline.

A day at Key Biscayne!

My old amiga Maisa was in town and we had a chance to grab a bite of dinner, reminisce, and catch up.

Yacht life and monkey hats.

One of my favorite trails to run near the apartment.

@ Sandbar Miami Beach

Another weekend another boat. This is indeed mermaid life at it's finest.

All my Argentinian ladies plus a French Colombiana! Nathalie and I quickly became soul sisters as you will see here in a second.

A good friend from high school, Ricky, came down and we went out to celebrate Angie one more time before she left. Although I was extremely sad for Angie to leave, it was the perfect night to say our goodbyes.

My people!

We also made a few Brazilian friends at our table, immediately striking conversation with them since we all had something in common. *wink wink*

Angie leaving brought Nath and I closer together. I love and miss you every day! Bisoux! 

@ REC Room

@ LIV Miami

Mr security man wanted to be an obstruction to our photo, so we tried to be sneaky, yet miserably failed. This still makes me laugh.

Okay okay, you stay here and i'll jump to the other side! GO!

If I had this view, I would never leave. This view also comes with a hefty price tag, sigh. Maybe one day!

Trying out some artistic moves at the pool.

@ Nikki Beach

The Soul Sisters Halloween Extravaganza

Nath made a friend in her building that offered to drive us down the beach. I think he had a keen eye for her, but who wouldn't? *wink*

 @ SLS

She gets me.

@ Mynt

@ Mokai

Now this is how I prefer to spend my days!

Miami Heat @ Downtown

Walk for Leukemia

Winter on Miami Beach

FSU vs. UM

Thank you for everything you've given me.
Miami, I love you. xo

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