Christmas Meaning

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Christmas is my most favoritest time of year. (Yes, I made that word up.) I would even go as far as saying it's better than my birthday. 

I love the music, the lights, the family time, decorating, the true meaning, the mood it creates, and everything else Christmas brings each year...except one thing.

I think our society has gone way too overboard with the buying tradition. Today's kids expect to have a million toys under the pine in the living area. Holiday decor comes out before Halloween and sales now start on a day dedicated to giving thanks for everything we have. Retail employee's along with others can't even have a dedicated day to spend time with their families anymore because every business thinks they must out-do the other with bigger sales and earlier openings. Correct me if i'm wrong, but I was under the impression that holidays were guaranteed days off work spent enjoying time with family, celebrating, and being thankful, no? Do we need a little time out here?

When I was a little girl I remember driving over to grandma's house on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The town would appear empty, excluding the lines of cars lining the streets throughout neighborhoods. Nothing was open, and I mean nothing. It had such a magical feeling. Oh how I wish it remained..

My hometown church would adopt a family from the local battered women's shelter during Christmas each year. My mom and I, along with another friend and her daughter, were always the designated ladies in charge. Not only was the large task fun, the opportunity is one of the most rewarding experiences. I can only imagine the looks on those precious little faces, children who thought they were getting nothing from Santa, spotting presents under the Christmas tree.

This Christmas I am not fortunate enough to go back home and spend the holiday with my family. My parents may come to visit me at some point, however it won't feel the same. Instead of harping on the negatives, I remain positive and plan on doing two things this holiday season:

1. Go ice skating (because who wouldn't want to go ice skating?)
2. Give back to the community by spending time or donating to the less fortunate.

Christmas is a time for celebration, it's always fun to deck the house with sparkling lights and and enjoy time spent with friends and family. Let us use this time to remember what we have instead of expecting everything under the sun we want, yet don't actually need. Just remain true to the reason for the season, never forget the real meaning of Christmas, to celebrate Christ our savior.

Are you doing anything festive that represents the true meaning of Christmas?


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