Brody Rue

by - 5:03 PM

I wanted to share with you all the most important guy in my life; Well second, faja is first of course! I'm not sure this little guy has come up in any of my posts yet. I've been missing him terribly, especially since i've been sick this past week.

I bought Brody Rue (Chandler was his initial name, but I wasn't too fond) with the money I receive at high school graduation from family, plus a little extra from my savings all the money I had at the time, for this lil bundle of joy.

I couldn't resist the little snow white fur ball that could fit in the palm of my hand! The first time I went to see him, I went alone. Then when my heart was already sold I took mãe along with me to get her opinion....I think you know the outcome.

Could you resist that face? I think not!

Mom fell in love with him too and couldn't say no, especially since it wasn't her money. Soon we were on our way with the newest addition to a father on the verge to blowing his top.

I don't regret my decision, not for one second, he is the smartest, most adorable, coolest dog i've ever known (and we all know where he gets that from, don't we?) Now my dad treats Brody as his newborn baby. You can't tear the two apart! I'm so glad my parents have him to keep them company, but I miss him more and more each day. 

I think it may be time to add another addition to our family!

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