Living in Wanderlust

by - 12:05 PM

I have had a pretty intense case of wanderlust lately so I thought I would share with you two special places I would absolutely die to live at some point in my life. To start with:


Every since I can remember i've been obsessed with Italy. It's the first place i've ever wanted to visit abroad, and after seeing more of it living through friends the lust has gotten worse.

During college I took 2 years of Italian, however after transferring I could not finish up the courses without studying abroad for the last two courses. Believe me, I was on my knees begging my parents time and time again, but they were in no financial position to help me fulfill my dreams. After attempting to take off on a plane to Italy for 2 summers I realized my time was not now, resulting in switching my language courses to Spanish.

I haven't chosen a specific city, it seems that each one brings something special to the plate, although I would most likely end up somewhere next to turquoise waters. Italians are really into fashion which I adore. The country seems to be romantic and I figure that rubs off on the Italians also (that couldn't be a bad quality!) The breathtaking views, really seems to have it all. Plus, Italian food is my favorite in addition to the newly discovered Brazilian cuisine, which brings me to my other destination....I bet you can't guess this one!


If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook you know I am obsessed with this beautiful country. In my very first post, Where It All Began, I explained some of my reasoning for falling so madly in love with this gem. I feel this country really does have it all with its beautiful beaches and people, breathtaking views, bustling cities, culture and cuisine. Rolling farmland sits beside giant city life and relaxing tropical getaways.

Rio de Janeiro currently stands as my most desired place to live, with São Paulo following closely in second. I had the amazing opportunity to live on the outskirts of São Paulo for 2 months a few summers ago, and it was absolutely incredible. I've never been to New York City (another destination I have yet to take over), but I hear these two are very similar.

Is there anywhere your heart desires in particular?


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