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My weekend was pretty low-key. Friday night the weather started to cool off a bit, much more fall-like, and Saturday it rained all day. I took full advantage by staying in to read and watch movies all day rolling into the night. 

Sunday, I woke up and went to church early afternoon, then came home to watch my Cowboys lose the game (not happy about that!) In the evening, Kandra came to visit and we had a bestie date night. 

A new theater just opened up not too long ago, LOOK Cinema, and i've been wanting to go check it out ever since. We carefully picked out the movie time and theater, then headed over to Pinkberry beforehand for a treat of frozen yogurt goodness.

I got a mix of original and chocolate yogurt this go-round with toppings of strawberries, kiwi, mochi, blueberries and chocolate chips. It's probably safe to say that i'm an addict of Pinkberry, and i'm quite alright with it!

We then mosied on over to the theater. My first impression was the price of the tickets, as they were a tad more expensive than a normal cinema, but as you walk further into the theater, it becomes apparent as to why they charge more. If you ever have one close, I highly recommend going!

It's a really nice place, very upscale. As we chose the lofts, we first went downstairs to the restaurant, Nick and Sam's Grill, to order some food and drinks. They just so happened to have Sunday Funday mimosas on the menu, we decided on a carafe to share with the pretzel and spinach artichoke dip. So fattening and so delicious.

Instead of movie posters in front of each entrance, they have these amazing chalk drawings! Fantastic, I had to take pictures of almost all of them. Touche to the person who draws them all!

After getting "dinner" in our hot little hands we headed upstairs to our seats in the lofts to watch Don Jon.

As we were leaving the cinema we got a little treat of seeing Don Jon's car outside. Ironic? Maybe.

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