Brasil Contém O Meu Coração

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 Thankful project blogging challenge

Day 3: A Place

 I told you it wouldn't be the last you saw of Brazil! Brasil holds my heart for many reasons. Some of my favorite people live there, it's my first destination out of the country, and now probably my favorite place in the world (although I haven't been anywhere else yet.) Brasil just has so much potential and is quite the beauty. Call me crazy, but I view the slums as beautiful too.

Slums entering Rio de Janeiro.

I could rant on and on about it, but i'm sure you would get bored pretty quickly. If you haven't already and want to understand why I love it so much, you should meander to my very first post Where It All Began.
Below are a few more pictures of my amazing trip, I am so anxious to go and visit again, and hoping I can do so soon!
P.S. Please disregard my slob status in just about every picture.

Brasil Contém O Meu Coração!!!!

Making me a fish on a fishing line on Porto de Galinhas, Ipojuca.

Did I ever mention that I wrecked the rental car on accident? Oops! It actually ran into the hotel wall with me in the passenger seat. Luckily no one got hurt!

I experienced my first real coco out of many in Guarujá, SP.

Graffiti in São Paulo

Hopi Hari - Vinhedo - SP. Yes that is a Mario Bros hat!

This is what every mall resembles on Sunday. They don't call it day of rest for nothing!

Awesome sand art on Praia de Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

Touched my first shark in an aquarium somewhere around Natal.

 Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio de Janeiro

Best tapioca ever in Recife.

This is all  one tree, from a single trunk! It's the tree that produces cashews! Again, somewhere around Natal.

My little twin who didn't want me to leave Recife.

Large natural waterfall Guarujá, SP. I was pretending it wasn't cold, it was actually freezing. Yes I got in, I wouldn't dare show you the after pictures.


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