Music Freak

by - 9:32 AM

Thankful project blogging challenge 


I am thankful for being able to play music by ear; it's a talent few people hold. I adopted this talent from my Nanny who does the same, except she is much more advanced than I am. All I need are a few hours to play with the keys and sounds...I can figure it out. In addition, this little gem also hears vocals which is super cool! After hearing a song once, I could probably repeat it to you close to the pitch/sound/tone it was recorded. I believe it helps me to appreciate music more, and find something I respect in all genres.

Now, let's get something straight, i'm no Mozart or Mariah Carey. That would take a large amount of time, however I can figure out pretty much anything given the opportunity. I hope one day I can display my talent and have a positive effect on people to help change the world, until then i'll continue to showcase behind closed doors.

Do you have any special talents?



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