Diamonds World Tour

by - 11:59 AM

I am a HUGE Rihanna fan and have been dying to see her for years now however, when you're saving money for something you've been wanting for an extremely long time, it's hard to cough up that much on a concert you can always see later. I never could get to the tickets in time if I even contemplated buying one, and now I understand why.

Monday this was crossed off my bucket list, and not only did I get to see her I was practically the third row back from the stage. How lucky am I!? My little patna in crime Naomi happen to stumble upon a few tickets, all I have to say is thank you again, I am one blessed girl! 

GTA was first on stage and they definitely got the energy up and set the mood for the concert playing some awesome tracks. 

Next was 2Chainz, who was great and kept the crowd going. I'll throw out that I may possibly be on some video of his.

And then, the really awesome stuff.

Along with George Strait, she put on the best concert i've ever seen. Plus it's always more fun when you know every single song. She is such an outstanding performer and keeps the energy up, I rarely even noticed the 10 dancers around her. I am most definitely going to a concert every tour she does from now on, it's well worth it.

I love you RiRi!

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