'Tis the Season to be Thankful!

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The Thankful Project: 28 days of blogging with intentional gratitude 

 One of my favorite blogs has posted The Thankful Project, and I am super excited to take on the challenge. The idea is perfect for my blog since I have the weekly inspiration posts, although this month will be slightly more frequent. :) Lately I have been taking the time to thank God for what I have, and not focus so much on what I don't have at the moment. I'm sure I won't have a post every day, but this is something I have been wanting to do for a while. With that said, today is:

Day 1: A Person

I am thankful for my father. Without him in my life, I wouldn't have anything. He's hilarious. He has taught me how to work hard, enjoy what I work for, and i've realized that money isn't the most important object in life. He has shown me unconditional love, the man will work his poor hands to death to do anything for me (although I would never let him do that.) He has made me realize that it's possible to do something you love, and it's ok to pull an act towards a goal most people would call crazy or unattainable.

My dad has a love for Harley Davidson's. Love could be an understatement. He built his first Harley when he was 13....inside my grandparent's house. My grandpa said he couldn't get it to start, boy was he wrong! Then my grandpa said he wouldn't get it outside. The motorcycle ran right out the front door! I smell trouble!

Pai started from the very bottom working in a shed in his backyard on Harley's doing what he loves, and after many years, with the help of my mother (they've been together since the age 17), was able to start his own shop. He's been doing what he is so passionate about for 30 plus years and works 10 plus hour days, but at least he enjoys his career. Respect! I have the same drive in me and I hope someday I can find my perfect little niche.

I am very thankful for such the strong and loving person that my father is. Dad, you da best!

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