Magical Disney!

by - 2:15 PM

I'm just going to say it now, I'm in love with Disney World, maybe slightly obsessed. Let's put it this way, if I could live there, I would. And it would be amazing to work for the company as well!
I've been to Disney World twice, and I swear I'm about to make another trip, it's long past due!

Although i've never been to Disney Land & want to experience it someday it drives me mad when someone mixes the two up. I'm not sure why, however everyone should know which location is which!
This was the only picture I could find, i'm very sad the others have mysteriously disappeared!

The first magical experience was when I was 13... my family, best friend in middle school Jessi, and I took a trip during the summer. At this point I was turning into a rambunctious teenager and argued with my parents every day, up until the moment we walked through those front gates. It's like a fairy has hit you with sparkly magical fairy dust and you can't be anything but happy. The place is like heaven, it's perfect. 

My second time was 2 years ago, and I absolutely cannot wait to go back again!

One event I really would love to experience is the Food & Wine Festival they hold each year in Epcot. A few friends have attended and said it's just wonderful!

Is anyone just as obsessed about Disney as I am?


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