Key West

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Well, I told you guys that I would write a separate post on Key West, as you may be wondering what on earth happened. If you haven't figured it out yet something crazy always happens to me.

So after the apartment caught on fire a few doors down from us, we turned everything back to normal & head off for a mini vacation towards the Keys. 

The water is such a different blue in the Keys, compared to the turquoise Miami waters!! I couldn't believe it I took so many pictures of the same thing, the water and the bridge. When I decided I was getting carried away I deleted half of them.

We drove by this house out in the water. It looked amazing, I would love to live there!
The plan was to stay for the night, watch the Key West Pride Parade they hold every year, have lunch the next day & then head back to Miami. That happened with the exception of a pickle. 

As we met up with a big group of the friends & started a dance circle in one of the bars, random people were coming up to hang out with us & our water gun of rum. Someone asked me if I needed another drink, so we went to the bar. Not long after I was outside regurgitating all over while Floyd held me up. I was sitting on the curb passing out, the cops wanting to take me either to jail, or to the hospital with another unconscious person. Janeska woke me up for just long enough so the cop would leave. The group took me to the car and put me in the trunk & I was out. 

I woke up the next day feeling horrible, something I have never felt before, & I had no idea where I was. I had blacked out, BIG TIME. This wasn't a night of drinking too much. I sat up to realize I was in a parking lot and no one I knew was around me. I started freaking out. Suddenly someone came around the corner and I finally could relax a little.

I felt absolutely horribly nauseous. I started asking everyone what happened, they didn't look too happy with me. Janeska explained to me all these details I had no recollection of, including me leaving to the bar for a drink with this random guy. At that moment I knew I had been drugged. 

I got sick again as we pulled up to go have lunch before leaving the island. After lunch we walked down to the Southernmost point (90 miles to Cuba!) before heading back home. 

I can't wait to go back again & see all the cool stuff Key West has to offer. I was extremely extremely lucky to have been with good friends that took care of me after only briefly meeting me. If it weren't for them who knows what would have happened to me, or if I would still be alive. Girls, be extremely careful about your drinks and only accept them from the bartender!!
Have you had any crazy experiences while traveling?


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  1. Yikes that's really scary :( At least your friends kept an eye out for you (although did you just end up sleeping in the car?). You'll have to go back and make new memories to get rid of that one!

    1. We all slept in the car, though I have no memory of it. Yes, i'm DEFINITELY going back to make not new, but better memories! :)

  2. Beautiful place!!! nice photos!!
    Have a good week, dear!! my g+ for your post!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥