Suns Out Buns Out!

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This weekend got pretty wild. Friday I went to dinner with my best friend, Kandra, at Gloria's. Gloria's is a Latin American cuisine and I must say, it's a new favorite spot of mine. Rumor has it the middle part of the restaurant turns into a dance floor later in the evening and all the expert salsa dancers come out of hiding. I can't wait to join in on the festivities my next visit!  

 Kandra decided to order a Bellini while I stuck with my water. I'm desperately trying to be a good girl and stay healthy.

When it was time to graze I decided on the beef fajitas, re-fried beans, flour tortillas and rice which was all absolutely fantastic! The meat was so tender and flavorful. In fact, I think they may have been the best fajitas i've ever had!

Kandra decided on the three choice enchiladas choosing the shrimp, beef, and chicken. It looked wonderful as well, and I believe she even mentioned the word "delicious".

We enjoyed ourselves over our wonderful food and drink, went back home to have a little joke with a friend of ours over SnapChat, then it was time to part and get some shuteye.  

Saturday I went to the Blondes Versus Brunettes Pool Party at The Avery. The complex is set up nicely, especially the pool area! The party was a $10 cover to raise money for Alzheimer's. Quite a bit of people showed, it was definitely a great time and i'm happy to see the money go to a great cause.

Kristina, Tia, and I

Later that night we decided to hit the town since it was Angela's last night in Dallas. We all decided to be twinkies and wear the same outfit.

Me along side the lovely Kristina and Angela

 Come Sunday we were all exhausted, but I wouldn't take it back for anything!


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  1. I miss Gloria's! The one in Addison definitely turns into a salsa dancing club at night on Fridays and Saturdays haha it's a blast!

    Looks like you had a great weekend :)

    1. I must go back to Gloria's later in the evening! :)