White Powder Birthday

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In February, my friend Garrett and I took a quick trip up to Santa Fe, New Mexico for the weekend to visit his old college roommate and the rest of the family. As an appreciation for me helping him with a business product, and my birthday a few days following, I got to tag along.

Now I have been to Ruidoso many times, but I've never ventured up in the northern part of the state. I must say, I'm very pleased with the ending result! It is so beautiful up there with fresh, crisp, clean air to breathe and beautiful views to gawk at from the mountain tops.

We decided to travel the adventurous way and take a bus to the train from the airport in Albuquerque to the station in Santa Fe.

The first night we decided to go out for dinner and drinks to mingle with our local friends. We also had our awesome tour guide Shiloh who knows the city upside down and backwards. He definitely showed us the best places to be. While sitting at the first bar of choice we realized we were sitting by Christopher Lloyd! I held my manners and waited until he got out of his seat to leave, to ask for a picture.

Christopher Lloyd and I

Little did I know, I would be making a very close friend while I was on the trip as well! The Old's were so inviting and warm during our visit, all of them so dear to me, especially Mika!

Lucky us, we got to catch the last bit of snow the next day as I headed up the mountain with the rest of the boys!

I  have only been boarding one other time in Colorado, but that trip was quick to end as you all know, so needless to say I was very excited to get another chance at it. I have been wakeboarding the past 7 years so I figured I could pick up on it pretty quickly, and boy was I surprised at myself! We were only atop the mountain for 5ish hours and I managed to get pretty good, after falling endless times of course. By the end of the day I could stay up of majority of the time.

The next day before our evening flight we decided to go explore the city. Everything in Santa Fe is so lovely, I really enjoyed my trip there. We stumbled upon this gorgeous church that is featured on Unsolved Mysteries for the winding staircase that has no base, architects remain puzzled.

I have learned I'm better after one time of snowboarding than 7 years of wakeboarding! I can't wait to go back to the mountain soon!


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  1. It looks so pretty! I've never been to Santa Fe but I'd love to now :) I tried skiing years ago and I was horrible so I'm jealous of your skills haha