Winter Wonderland Nightmare

by - 8:21 AM

My first time in snow! For spring break my junior year of college I went to Crested Butte, Colorado to hit the slopes, somewhere I had been dying to go for years. Growing up in Texas, you rarely see snow but, when you do, there is very little only to melt a few hours later after the sun peaks from behind the clouds.
It was also my first time to see mountains besides in Ruidoso or El Paso, I was thrilled. We stopped  at this river creek, which turned out to be a lovely choice for a stretch. I could have sat there for hours trying to get the best pictures, but we were in a hurry to check in at the hotel for our week long stay.


The next morning we went up to the mountain ready to ride. My boyfriend at the time was being stubborn and decided if I was going to snowboard then he should also instead of ski. Neither one of us had a clue what we were doing, however I wakeboard so I assumed it was similar. We head outside and sneak into the back of a group class a few instructors are in the middle of teaching. After listening a few minutes, followed by running over numerous little ones surrounding us on the practice hill, I decided it was time we just give it a shot on the first bunny slope.

Well, that was a terrible idea. We had to immediately go to the mountainside emergency room for them to tell us my boyfriend's hand was probably broken. After leaving the doctor we stayed for the night to see a hand specialist the following day, who informs us we need to get surgery on his hand as soon as possible.

The next day I drove practically the 18 hours home with a giant baby sitting in the passenger seat (who also refused taking medicine to help ease the pain). I was sad that my boyfriend wouldn't listen to me and ski instead, I was sad this was my very first time in Colorado and what I saw was so limited, and I was so sad that his hand was broken and I was calling him a baby. The lesson ladies and gentleman? Never be so stubborn to refuse a little advice from someone who is more experienced.

And you think your skiing trip was expensive!

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