Sin City

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Since I just started the blog I must make up for much time lost and share with you all my adventures I've been on in the past few years!

Las Vegas. How I love you.
Shortly after my 21st birthday, my roommate Kellye came home from a weekend wedding to get a phone call from her cousin asking us to Vegas for the weekend. We joked around about going until we were notified the entire trip would be free, the boys had won the lottery not long ago.
I had to convince Kellye some, but obviously we couldn't pass up an opportunity like this. She had shifts and I was supposed to be packing my things to move on Sunday, so we put boxes together threw everything I had in, scheduled our flight, got people the cover the shifts, showered, packed our bags, and sped off to the airport. Sprinting through the airport we missed our flight by five minutes. Instead of taking a direct flight, we had to mosey around having two other stops before our destination.
Stuffing my face as we wait impatiently in the airport.

We finally arrive in Vegas at 11 PM greeted with a party bus to pick us up and take us to the club where the rest of our group was. We were introduced to the gang, and from here it was party time. We were also told that we had a tour guide, limo for transportation, a body guard, bottle service, VIP passes to parties/clubs and little sleep to be had during the eventful weekend.

I must mention that I got to see DJ AM live for one of his last shows ever.
DJ AM @ Rain

We had stepped straight off the plane to the club, so we worked with what we had.

The next day, after two hours of sleep and losing our bags on the bus for the night (to later hunt them down) we went to day the pool. Later in the evening we went out for a nice meal before the club where we were eating exquisite $50 steaks and where I received this lovely monstrous broccoli.  

Randy in the limo (above) and Eddie our Bodyguard (below).

We also made some new friends while we were at club #2. Kellye met some Venezuelans who gave her a pair of shoes since she lost hers, and I met some boys from Boston.  

We partied all day and all night, non stop each day only getting around two hours of rest. The third day we were there, I discovered my new camera was missing so I tried to get proof of who stole it, but nothing arose. :( 
We then ventured to the Sunday pool party REHAB, such a blast, I highly recommend going! I wish I had more pictures however, the pool pictures were on a disposable camera (and it's probably for the best they were). 

After a fun day at the pool and semi-restful night, it was time to part ways and head back home. When we got back my luggage had been lost again, so we had to visit the airport after a few hours to retrieve it.  
I am still a little disappointed that we never went to do any touristy stuff such as sight see, shop, or gamble however, the trip was amazing anyway. I will warn you partying all day and night will wear you plum out! After three days we were both ready to be home.


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  1. I want to go to Vegas! So cool that you had a bodyguard and no dollar limit for anything while you were there haha that's the way to do it!

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comment.;)

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    1. Sounds like a wonderful idea Marcela! I'll follow you right now! If you would like to comment on other of my posts in Spanish I would love it (i'm trying to work on my Spanish and Portuguese)!
      Gracias, besos!

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