Weekend Festivities!

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This weekend was more relaxing than anything else, & believe me it was much needed! Saturday morning I went to Boot Camp at 9AM, then off to finally get my hands on some protein powder again. It's like a whole new world when taken, especially when the stuff actually tastes delightful, & High5 DEFINITELY does! 

Afterwards, I came back to layout at the pool for a few hours and cook some lunch. 
A week ago I started eating healthy again, and workout at least 5 times a week. Hopefully this gets me to the place I want my body to be! What I have learned in the past is that it takes longer than you may think so don't give up! Hard work does pay off!

Saturday evening, Jenna and I went to venture around McKinney Ave in Uptown. Little did we know that we would be running into Cameron, a guy we met in South Padre during Spring Break about 5 years ago! What a small world it is!

We went to two of my common sightings, first Black Friar then onto my favorite place to dance in the area, The Den, and went to the second floor to get down and boogie in a more club like scene.
Jenna wasn't so sure about the atmosphere but it's one of my personal favorites!

Sunday was relaxing as it started to rain... which will continue for a few days in Dallas. I went to meander around the mall when I stumbled upon the perfect pair of shoes I have been in search for for quite sometime now! Found at Forever XXI. I absolutely cannot wait to wear them!

Overall, it was a good weekend and I am actually enjoying the rain! It doesn't rain here so often. I used to hate the rain as I thought it spoiled the day however, I believe my opinion is changing. :)

Did you have anything interesting happen this weekend?


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  1. Yayy I'm so happy you found those shoes! I know you've been wanting them forever :) I spent my weekend by the pool and kayaking at the lake. So not ready to be back at work!

  2. Girl, we are on the same page work out/eating wise!

    I am dying over the fact that you saw a guy you had met years prior! That is always such a mind trip!