Celebration of Independence!

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This weekend was Fourth of July, and it was time to take a much needed mini vacation. I went out to an old friend of mine, Tyler's, parent's lake house to spend a few days enjoying myself soaking up the sun and reuniting with old friends from back home I haven't seen in ages. They also brought along with them our new South Korean friend, Jin! 
I knew things would probably get a little crazy...I'll let the pictures tell all. :) 

What's the point of celebrating without our flags flying?

 Raider joined us in the festivities!

We wake boarded.....
Did flips off the tower....
We drank Korean vodka....
We rode jet skis....
We even did mini workouts...
Sailed (for about 10 minutes until the ship started to sink)
Threw peace signs all day...
We surfed...together.
Represented our schools (EAT EM UP CATS!)   
We made some new friends along the way too!

And we were trying to fly at one point. :)

When night fell it was time to bring out the fireworks!!!! 

Jin had a LOT of firsts this weekend (He has only been in the US for 2 weeks!) and we couldn't be happier to show him all the true Texan-American ways!

I couldn't have spent the holiday any other way!

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  1. Love it! Looks like you had a blast :) There's nothing better than a relaxing weekend at the lake!